Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Ospreys at Loch Garten

I don't often say much on here about these birds but I watched them last year and they are back again now so they are top of my favourites list at the moment.

Last year we watched as EJ and Henry became a couple and then a family as all three eggs hatched. Sadly the youngest chick was beaten into submission by his brother and sister but the two surviving youngsters, Deshar and Nethy, fledged and eventually migrated in the search for warmer climes. They were tagged so we were able to watch on google earth as Deshar got his radar all wrong and disappeared into the Atlantic but Nethy found Africa and I think she finally ended up in Senegal for the winter.

As she was tagged the centre reported recently that there had been no movement for several weeks and they assumed she had met her end. Having said that it seems there is a possiblity that she lost her tag. Its been very sad as we watched these birds hatch, fledge and then migrate but it just makes you realise how few of these magnificent birds actually survive and how vulnerable they are.

Anyway, EJ came back a few weeks ago and has found herself a new man whom they have called Odin. The two have been mating and appear to be very happy and we are all awaiting the first egg which they speculate will be any day now. I warn you this is compelling viewing especially when she is keeping those eggs warm and calling for her partner to feed her and then again when the eggs is sooo exciting.


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Lisa Dawn said...

How great to be able to watch where your birds went, and how sad it must have been to watch one fly off the wrong way and be able to do nothing about it. i wonder if that's how god feels....... give man free will and if they decide to fly off in the wrong direction all he can do is mourn the loss of a beautiful soul.
I wonder if we have tags on...
So ANYWAY, hope you are having a lovely easter weekend, if you celebrate it.
Hope you don't mind the reference to a higher being!
take care Julie.

Pam said...

I Love Loch garten, Nethy Bridge-all that area-hopefully we will get up there in the summer. You have been makinf some fab art-I love your journal page-and that damask stamp ins my most used stamp-but I never thought to use it like that-hoe cool!!

jo said...

We went to see the ospreys again last friday - have put some pics on my blog. Love all the squirrels up there.