Monday, 31 March 2008

More cutting!

I am still following Michelles crusades and the challenge for March which is to cut your own stamp. Having had a very busy few days I still managed to have another 'cutting' session. This time I had a go at the dove, the bird of peace carrying its olive least I think its supposed to be an olive branch.

I am definatley getting more accurate with the cutters but even after buying the brayer I still had trouble with the printing side of things. So I dug out my rolling pin which, I hasten to add, rarely gets used for making pastry and used it to apply pressure to the back of the lino when I was stamping it. I guess mounting it onto a woodem block would be a good idea but I am far too impatient for that! Anyway, it certainly helped me get a more even coverage. I am desperate to have a go with cutting rubber but have yet to source a 'reasonably priced' one here in the UK! Anyway here is my dove...duly printed into my journal!

Next month we are making stencils. Come to think of it, I did this once before when I decided to stencil round my walls but that was a very long time ago so it will be nice to revisit it.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Monica - Girl Gone Wild

This is a wicked blog...please check it out.

Monica is awesome and has involved people from all over the world in her quest to make a doll out of 2x2 art squares in aid of charity. I am honoured to have completed my square. Although I will be too late for the doll, I am hoping to be included in the wall piece which will follow it.

Please check out her blog for the story of the doll and the parade of art squares...amazing stuff!

Friday, 21 March 2008


I made Desdemona for the Shakespearean CJ that I am in...isn't she cute? I stuck a face underneath a clear button and used wire to try and give her a neck and was a shame to give her away cos I loved her but I am sure Kathie will love her too! Ut oh I feel another addiction coming on now...

Saturday, 15 March 2008

I have found a new (addictive) hobby - thanks Michelle!

So Michelles challenge this month is to 'cut it out'... make a stamp or stencil. Thinking I would again be way out of my depth I still wanted to take part in this challenge so off I trotted to my local arts and crafts shop to see if I could get hold of any supplies. I came home with some lino and cutters. It seems most people use an eraser block but anyway, at least this meant I could make a start.

I have to say this is seriously an addictive hobby!! It has dominated my evenings recently...I started with this

and then moved on to this...

I had a mishap in between as well which was a great learning experience. I was only using an offcut of the first stamp I did so it wasn't very big but anyway somehow it cracked right through the middle. Thankfully it hadn't taken me long to do as it was quite was then that my son told me that I should have warmed the lino up first...ah well its good that we have kids to educate us...doh!

Another challenge was getting the design onto the lino and after much googling (never saw your updated post at that time Michelle!) I used gel medium to transfer a photocopy. It was a little trial and error but hey I got there in the end! I am really pleased with the results although it was hard to ink up the bigger one and get a decent image...might try acrylic paint next time.

I have it in my mind to do a dice next so watch this blog for updates. I am sure this isn't the last time I will do this. I must see if I can get a uk supplier of that blender pen and the eraser block first though!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

A better photo...I think...see post below

Still trying to get to grips with blogger but I think if you click on this image it will become bigger.

More journalling and a story...

Michelle Ward has inspired so many of us to get out there and journal this month and I am no exception. I am new to this but have done several pages and feel more and more liberated with each page I do. Here are a couple more pages from my art journal then and all inspired by a walk between keyhaven and Lymington...such a beautiful part of the world and it just so happens that it is only a short drive for me.

My story...

The other day I got to thinking that I needed a basis for this journalling lark as I find it so hard to start with just a blank page. My eyes skimmed the room and soon focused on this little moleskin journal which I have had for several years and was full of completely useless notes. I decided to claim back the pages and was soon sticking scraps of scrapbooking paper in a totally random fashion over its pages. So I have a prepped book ready to play with.

I love quotes and was soon adding them to some of the pages...the aim being that when out and about I can take these half done pages and add to them. Here are a couple finished

And another waiting to be worked on

So Michelle, I have taken giant leaps this month...I thank you!