Saturday, 28 February 2009


Imagine my surprise when I received a package from Michelle Ward and opened it to find all these goodies

From the moment I opened it the fragrance of roses filled the room. Every little package was so carefully and thoughtfully put together...I am completely and utterly chuffed to bits. That someone has put so much thought and effort into sending a gift to me is so amazing and just look at the little stencil with my initials on it...its such a personal gift. I am blown away by your kindness much so that I have already journalled it and of course put a little more 'portion control' into the process! All the little hearts are made from the gift wrap and I even included the decorated packing tape which is not easily available over here.

I am so happy to be part of this many like minded people and so much kindness around.

From the bottom of my heart...thank-you made my day!

6th of the 6th

This little challenge seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. I picked it up from Pam and the idea is to post the sixth picture from the sixth file on your computer. Here is son Josh on his 21st birthday. I can still hear him now...'stop pointing that camera at me every five minutes mum!!

I need to pick two people to send this challenge to so I pick Sue and Lisa

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Lisa - look here

I went to Lisa's blog and thought I saw a photograph that looked just like one I took last this is for Lisa but I realise that Lisa had more clouds in her photos. But in any case I still think there is a resemblence.

52Q weeks 7and 8

Just updating with the last two weeks from Em's challenge.

Week 7 - What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? The writing reads 'I would buy an old house, one in the countryside but near to the sea, like those little villages scattereed along the South Coast. I would install an Aga and have a cottage garden. Would spend my days gathering flowers, fruit and veg in a basket and walking the beach. The rest of the time I would create with no worries about money or how I should otherwise be spending my time...its a dream!

Week 8 - The last time I laughed out loud - Was in the car this morning listening to Chris Moyles winding someone up...soo funny! This tag came off some clothing and I altered it a little.

I have really changed my outlook over the last couple of years. I realise that I am so up for recycling old stuff. A lot of my albums and tags are made like this. I like it so much more!

So thats me...still up to date

Monday, 16 February 2009

Mixed Media Monday - hearts and/or wings

This week the challenge over at MMM is hearts and/or wings. I found this lovely parrot image and so played on the wing theme by seed beading them! I like this much more that I thought I would.



Ta Da!!! GPP Crusade 28 Portion Control

Over on the Street Team blog

the challenge for the month is to practise portion control in order to give images more depth and hence make them more interesting. A challenge indeed for little ol me who has little 'know how' in these things. Still I rose to the challenge and came up with this page.

I know its not the greatest but its important that you see the process, the good and the bad! I was using some die cut shapes and I only had a few of was all going wrong! So I decided to try again and cut yet another stamp (a technique practised in an earlier crusade). I found some scrap lino and camme up with the shape for my next pages. Not sure what you would call it but I associate it with the spade in a deck of cards! I then cut larger ones from paper and my tools were ready to go! I stamped, masked, stencilled and then stamped some more, dooodled and painted. Oh I had such a good time :lol:

And whats more these are my surviving leftover lovelies...

I think it was Regina who lamented the problem with journalling on these pages and I totally understand. They are sometimes too nice and thats one problem but for me...I also find the journalling, the word part, difficult. What to say? There's a challenge for you Michelle...a crusade in word journalling!

I realise now that I need to do my journalling different. I bought a ready made book in a local store but I really need to take my pages out so I can get better coverage on the page...the rings get in the way! I will need to put more thought into my next journal I think!

Anyway it was a lovely crusade and I am learning so much here. Thank-you Michelle.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

One of the classes over at the cyberecrop last weekend was to make a 6x12 album. You could order a kit but I decided to do it out of my own stash. There was a time when I almost threw the whole thing in the bin cos I just didnt have paper big enough but then I improvised and the further I went the better it looked. The pages fan out. Its quite clever! Anyway I decorated it this week.

Homemade Album

52Q week6

Here is my card for this weeks challenge over at Emily's blog

I did a gel medium transfer. Its not very clear, very subtle in fact, but I think you can just see it. Yes, I would change things. I wish I had taken my degree in my 20's instead of my 40's so then I could have pursued a better career but then if I had done that the course of my whole life would be different and I may not have had my children, whom I adore completely and utterly and who I consider to be my greatest achievement!

Sunday, 8 February 2009

UKS Cybercrop

Have been entering into the spirit of this cybercrop with gusto! Had about 8 hours sleep in two nights! Its a real marathon although of course you only have to do what you want to do...there is no pressure...except from me! I always seem to set myself the challenge of seeing how much I can get done. Am feeling absolutely shattered now and quite frankly couldn't care less if I ever scrap again :lol: And you should see my scrap room!!

Anyway lots of things for you to feast your eyes on over the next few posts although I have to say almost all of it was inspired by the very talented people that UKS got in to do the classes...I can take no credit!

UKS cybercrop

and theres more!

and theres more!

Thursday, 5 February 2009

52Q week 5

Still managing to keep up with Ems 52Q challenge. This weeks prompt is 'today I feel...'. The journalling is a little personal so I havn't put it up but here's the tag. The word 'feel' is a packing tape transfer which I have become somewhat addicted to since g. showed us how to do them.

A couple of days ago I dug out a tapestry that I had been working on a couple of years ago (still unfinished!) and whilst rummaging came across some of my completed ones. I have no idea what to do with these as I already have about 15 cushions. Any ideas??? I especially like the William Morris one...

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mixed Media Monday

This weeks challenge is set by the lovely Hermine and the topic is fruit. I was a little unsure about where to start with this one initially but then a little play with some gliteratti film and some fibres gave me a material which was very citric in colour. So here we have more pages in my altered book and a great saying 'if life throws you a lemon, make lemonade'...

Hope you like it!