Saturday, 28 February 2009

6th of the 6th

This little challenge seems to be doing the rounds at the moment. I picked it up from Pam and the idea is to post the sixth picture from the sixth file on your computer. Here is son Josh on his 21st birthday. I can still hear him now...'stop pointing that camera at me every five minutes mum!!

I need to pick two people to send this challenge to so I pick Sue and Lisa


Lisa Dawn said...

Hey Julie! lol
that was fun. Thanks for the tag. It's good to look back at my photos and see things I have forgotten that I have taken and have still done nothing with.

Pam said...

Oh I have so many photos like that!!!

Wendy said...

Jules, i take it the pic of your son is in your kitchen.. Your tiles are practically the same as mine, just different colours. Will have to find a photo to show you!