Thursday, 26 February 2009

52Q weeks 7and 8

Just updating with the last two weeks from Em's challenge.

Week 7 - What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail? The writing reads 'I would buy an old house, one in the countryside but near to the sea, like those little villages scattereed along the South Coast. I would install an Aga and have a cottage garden. Would spend my days gathering flowers, fruit and veg in a basket and walking the beach. The rest of the time I would create with no worries about money or how I should otherwise be spending my time...its a dream!

Week 8 - The last time I laughed out loud - Was in the car this morning listening to Chris Moyles winding someone up...soo funny! This tag came off some clothing and I altered it a little.

I have really changed my outlook over the last couple of years. I realise that I am so up for recycling old stuff. A lot of my albums and tags are made like this. I like it so much more!

So thats me...still up to date


Sue said...

that sounds very similar to my dream to Julie. The tags look fantastic.

Wendy said...

i have changed my outlook a lot like you to Jules. There is always something that can be altered or changed. No need to buy stuff anymore really is there!!

Pam M said...

yah I want that very same dream too
Loving your tags

Eleanor said...

Fabby tags. I've been saving clothes tags - now you've inspired me lol.
Your dream is mine too, but with livestock as well - we need our dreams.
One day...