Sunday, 8 February 2009

UKS Cybercrop

Have been entering into the spirit of this cybercrop with gusto! Had about 8 hours sleep in two nights! Its a real marathon although of course you only have to do what you want to do...there is no pressure...except from me! I always seem to set myself the challenge of seeing how much I can get done. Am feeling absolutely shattered now and quite frankly couldn't care less if I ever scrap again :lol: And you should see my scrap room!!

Anyway lots of things for you to feast your eyes on over the next few posts although I have to say almost all of it was inspired by the very talented people that UKS got in to do the classes...I can take no credit!


Pam M said...

Ohhh Jewels way to go, you are powering through, Who needs sleep when there is scrapping to do, loving your work, I have yet to do a corrigated card LO, LOVE that look

Regina said...


Thanks for your comment on my Portion Control blog. Your scrapping work (cards are they?) is wonderful!
Regina, SXM, DWI