Monday, 20 April 2009

Mottisfont Abbey

I belong to the National Trust and am lucky enough to have Mottisfont Abbey within a very short drive of my home so I can pop up there at any time, even if just for an hour. So on Saturday, I took one of these impuslive decisions and just threw on my coat and grabbed my camera and went off to see what was occurring up there.

This bench is one of my favourites, it sits within the walled gardens which are relatively peaceful at this time of year. Come up here in June though, when the roses are out and its a different matter!

the tulips are out

and just look at this fella...he is on a mission I think!

I am currently art journalling the changes at Mottisfont through the year...more on this later!


Fiona Whitehead said...

I love Mottisfont - I live near there too and often go down just to sit in the gardens

Lisa Dawn said...

I love the goose stepping! great catch Julie. I was sure I left a comment here before, but maybe it was only in my mind cause I don't see it on the paper here.