Thursday, 9 April 2009

Journal Pages

I thought I might start putting up some of my journal pages. I have been messing around with these for weeks but always felt that I was trying to achieve some kind of standard and then it clicked and I realised I can do whatever, I mean WHATEVER I want and I am the only person I have to please. I also realise that there will be some good ones and some bad ones but the main thing is they will all reflect how I am feeling at the time. The interesting thing is that I may be feeling really c**p but just going through this journalling process makes me feel so much better! So this is a page from a couple of weeks ago.

Paint, collage, stamping, doodling...this one has it all. And its a big book which I am using so I am altering it as I go. Often the diagrams and words show through a little but I don't mind adds to the effect.


Lisa Dawn said...

it's a darn pretty page, Julie!

Kwebbel said...

Sunny greetings from Germany - and happy Easter
your Kwebbel

manda said...

everything that you are creating lately, Jules, looks AWESOME!

Wendy said...

I really like this page Jules. It is hard to just do what you want for yourself and not try to do so others like it. I am not keen on anyone looking at my pages!