Wednesday, 29 April 2009

GPP Cat got your tongue

Over at the crusades this month, Michelle has challenged us to get innovative with words on our journalling. Not just the written word but stamps, stencils...anything goes.

I have been doing a lot of art journalling over recent months but am still trying to find my own style...its tricky! And getting words on to the page is even trickier. It doesn't help that I hate, I mean really hate my hand this has been a challenge indeed!

Here, I used a few elements and techniques collected from previous crusades namely wax rubbings and masks. Even that spade shape was used as a hand made mask at some time.

here some stencilling and a little doodling which I am experimenting with at the moment

and some collage, paint and gesso!

and finally a page in progress

I have realised that I love to use the cut titles and words from magazines.


michelle ward said...

Hey Julie - thanks for coming to play on the team again. I like how you have used clipped text with your own writing. Sometimes those magazine words are just the thing to give us a jumpstart in writing.

Wendy said...

wow Jules, you are really getting into your art journalling. I love your pages. Would love to see it irl.
PS: hope all is well with you :)

Melisa said...

I love using magazine text, too. Sometimes, it give me the whole theme for the page. Nothing wrong with your handwriting, though. And I like the doodling!

Commuter's Journal said...

Your style is really evolving. The combo of handwriting and text is great. Keep going!
-- JeriAnn

jgr said...

Yes, I agree, your style IS evolving, I love the doodle-border.


Sandy said...

Keep moving forward. You've got the right spirit. I enjoyed lookingat your pages.