Tuesday, 13 January 2009

52Q week 2

My tag in answer to Em's question 'Am I afraid of change?'

I am not afraid of change...I dont always like change but its challenging and stretches me often to do things that I would not otherwise have done so I don't think change is bad...it just pushes me out of my comfort zone.On another note, I feel excited that UK Scrappers are having a cyber crop...I love participating and get quite carried away...often not sleeping for more than 48 hours. Of course this is always easier if my hubby is away which is not going to be the case this year. I wonder if I can get him to do all the chores and all the cooking over that weekend? hmmmm


Lisa Dawn said...

Hey Julie!
great that you are doing this again this year. I love your tag. It's great.
You made a mention that you couldn't leave comments on my blog. I left a message at g-inspired a couple of weeks ago about my blog but perhaps you missed it. You still have the old address for my site which is why you can't leave comments. The address changed in October.

Lisa Dawn said...

oh I just checked, you saw it, sorry maybe it was someone else who made comment again recently about my site. sorry. the address you have here though is still the old address.