Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Blasted Flu Bug!

I have been completely floored by this bug for the last 4 days but I swear I will get dressed today...maybe!

I am feeling a little better though cos I have managed to upload this xmas layout completed with photos from 2007 and of course that lovely little tag that I bought from g. It looks good here doesn't it? I did manage to be a little creative though...when I carried forward g's little red circles of glitter over my page! You can tell I was coming down with something cos I let g do all the work :lol: I still love it though!

1 comment:

Lisa Dawn said...

great page Julie but sorry to hear that you are still sick. Darn that Lisa Mitchell! lol Maybe I shouldn't stay here too long because I really can't afford to be sick. Hope you have someone to make you a little warm tea every now and then.