Monday, 12 January 2009

Crusade 27

For this next page, I used a packing tape transfer as well as various hearts. I am fairly sure this page is not yet finished so I will add to it later but wanted to get it uploaded before I go back to work tomorrow.
And finally, I had the idea of actually cutting my page in a heart shape! I just roughly watercolour crayons to add some colour so you can see the shape of the page. I will journal it at some time in the future.
Another great challenge Michelle!


Lisa Dawn said...

Julie you are just a creating monster this year! way to go .

Rosie said...

These are brilliant Julie - ain't it the best fun a gal can have? I love these liberating challenges Michelle sets us - I cab honestly say that taking part has made my journey so much easier. You're following the same path and it's so wonderful to see your work - rock on!!