Friday, 25 April 2008

Save your day!

Shimelles challenge on UKS for the cybercrop is to Scrap your what are you waiting for?

See here for details

So I have been snapping away all day...all the important and not so important things that have caught my eye. What a fabulous challenge? I am definately going to scrap the people in my house each month because with a hubby who works away and two children at uni I can have any number of combinations of people living here at any moment! I also want to get shots of my garden and anything that is in bloom (or not) and is looking particularly photogenic! There are also a number of other things I want to capture for example what I am eating for my lunch, what diet I am on at the time, what I am reading...oh so many options.

Here is my first page and there are a number of others in the last post.

And just a couple of shots which will be in my first month!

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