Thursday, 24 April 2008


By Kelly Matthews...

Ahh revenge is sweet Kelly :lol:

1. If a movie was being made of your life who would you like to be cast to play yourself? And why?

Michelle Pfeiffer - cos I think she's a great actress...and my hubby has always fancied her!!

2. You are spending a whole month on a desert island for charity and you have to choose your favourite celebrity to spend the first two weeks with & your least favourite celebrity to spend the second two weeks with, who would they be & why?

Have to agree with you Kelly, its Johnny Depp all the way for me...why? cos he's a pirate of course and would be able to find all the I think he's fab! My worst celeb would have to be posh spice...can't stand the woman. As I see it she is fame obsessed and has no talent whatsover.

3. What are your three favourite crafting products?

I am very into my Bind-it-all for making mini books. I also love covering chipboard so chippy shapes would be next followed by paper, paper and more paper...I love paper!

4. If you could invent something to do anything what do you think it would be?

ummmm...something to actually dig and weed my garden sounds good right now...its a chore I despise especially this time of year.

5. What are the last three books that you read?

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho (love his books)
The Lovely Bones - Alice Seebold

6. Qvc or create and craft?

Don't watch either but have been known to look at QVC on line occasionally.

7. Docrafts or Dovecraft or DCWV? Not sure really...I do have some DCWV stuff and have recently reviewed the EZ runner for Docrafts...see below

8. What is your claim to fame?

Jogging round the deck of the QE2 with Jimmy Saville :lol:

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