Thursday, 10 April 2008

EZ Runner

I have been asked to review the 3L Scrapbook Adhesive EZ Runner for Design Objectives. This handy little tool applies little double sided tape tabs from a dispenser and so is definately a quick and easy adhesive to use.

Everytime I go into a craft shop I buy adhesive so I own all shapes and sizes including bog standard PVA glue, glue sticks, double sided tape, and the herma dispensers of either permanent or repositional glue. I tend to use different types for different jobs. For sticking photos I always use the herma repositional, and for covering mountboard to make mini books I always use PVA, most other jobs get left to the double sided tape of varying widths. For this project though, I pretty much used the EZ runner for all of the little book (not the box as that was already done and I think it would not have been tidy enough anyway, I like to glue things right to the edges when altering them).

The EZ runner was easy to remove from its packaging which I was very pleased about, I hate having to fight with vacuum packed items...and am often lucky to escape with my fingers still intact!

I have to say I really liked the EZ runner mostly because it can be used to apply adhesive to curves which was extrememly handy since I tested it on a circular minibook! This wasn't intentional but it was good because it made me realise that this is definately one of its biggest selling points imo.
My biggest problem was that a couple of times I picked it up and for some unknown reason had it upside down so of course the little rollers didn't work. This was soon rectified though but I dont know why I kept doing it.

This runner was supposed to be permanent but a couple of times I decided to remove the paper embellishement and had no problem doing so as long as I was careful. On one of these occasions a good ten minutes had elapsed. This was good for me since I wanted to remove the items but whether that is detrimental long term remains to be seen.

I did like this product but would not pay £4.99 for it. It would have to be a little cheaper for me to buy it...that said if I was doing a particular project with lots of curves there is a good chance I would buy it specifically for that reason. What I would like to see is a refillable option and perhaps even a thinner one which could be used for smaller embellishments like chippy alphas and scrolls and paper lace.
Anyway, here is the the project I used it on which I am very pleased with...more pics in the next post.

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voodoo vixen said...

I use this adhesive roller on everything I do... I hate Herma with a vengeance and have never got on with it, really bad for rolling and getting stuck so when I found this stuff a couple of years ago... I have stayed with it. I agree about the price, I tend to buy the double packs which saves me a pound. If I could find somewhere that sold it in bulk I would be in heaven!!

That aside... just wanted to say I LOVE your circular mini book and its case - its beautiful!! :)