Monday, 30 March 2009

Grateful For - Em's challenge

Here's my tag. My first attempt at using a sewing machine!

So amongst other things, I am grateful for (just this week) being 7 years cancer free!!!
My always.
Finding and being part of this wonderful hobby which has put me in touch with so many lovely people via cyberworld.
My art books...I am so addicted to buying these.

I have tags for this project in all sorts of sizes and made out of all sorts of things, even cereal boxes! I am determined to keep it going which is why I have kept all the tags fairly simple. I want to be able to do them quickly so I don't fall behind. When done I will bind them with the bind it all and I envisage lots of different tags all spilling out of a big fat book...we'll see!


Wendy said...

Can't wait to see that big book Jules! I am so happy for you, with your great news!

Lisa Dawn said...

great things to be grateful for.
I am behind. I am going to catch up. thanks for the inspiration.

Pam said...

Jules-you are so prolific with your art-I love seeing everything you've made-

g said...

HI Jwels. 7 is such a lucky lucky number. Congrats and here's to 70 more years!

Femmy said...

love this tag Julie!! you used beautiful colors!!