Thursday, 19 March 2009

52Q What keeps me awake at night?

There are three things that keep me awake

1. Worrying over stuff...anything...mostly kids and money!
2. Back Pain! Since being diagnosed with a disc prolapse ontop of a degenerative disc I have had two lumbar epidurals for pain relief. Its settled a little but I live in chronic pain especially at night. Can't lay down and be pain free at just doesn't happen. I guess I will have to have surgery at some time but I am putting it off!
3. Singing the same song over and over in my head. Sometimes I just can't stop and it drives me nuts and can keep me awake for hours!!!


Sue said...

well done Julie, nice tag.

g said...

Hi Jwels!

1. did you know that 90% of everything people worry about, NEVER comes to fruition?

2. I have a back like yours. I find drugs and alcohol, mixed, works wonders;0)

3. there's a reason a song plays over and over in our heads...I just can't remember what it is. ;0)

just popping in to say "hi"

Lisa Dawn said...

You sure have added and done a lot of stuff! Keep it up Julie. I wouldn't believe your feelings that I read about a year ago; that you didn't believe you were creative ..... you are doing SO MUCH STUFF!!
I will have to wait a year I guess to see your finished CJ, the chandelier is great. Hope you have fun with it.

Lisa Dawn said...

oh right, I forgot to say, Turn the radio on and fall asleep to it! keep those nasty one songs away.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Hi Julie!

I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment ~ I really appreciate it.

I absolutely love your artwork - your colors and textures are incredibly beautiful!

I too am a ("former") worrier - in 2007 I ended up very sick and stressed - and I know that 90% of it was because of my worrying (also about kids and money, and my parents, etc. etc.) - I know it is difficult, but try and focus on something calming. I've learned that if not all, then most of my worries were unnecessary, and I wasted so much time & energy on that I could have put to a positive use. Anyway, hope this helps =)

Big hugs, Peggi

Wendy said...

Hey there Jules
Why do we worry about stuff when we are trying to sleep I wonder??
Do you put a nice warm heat pack on your back? I find sometimes that helps.
Love your tag.

Sally said...

I loved Natash's CJ page about the moon - I am just on that one now! Thanks for your comments about the crysal chandeliers page - yup it is your cj! Hope it did not spoil the surprise! Sally