Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Another CJ

I have only just decided to post pics of this latest CJ I joined. Its called 'Take one stamp' so each participant finds a stamp and sends it on its way with the journal. Here then is my effort. I did a lot of painting on this which is not really my forte but Michelle would be proud as I tried all sorts of techniques to get some depth on the page. And I was just a little 'g inspired' too as I used her walnut ink and yet another packing tape transfer! I am getting so addicted to those. I never bound the CJ as I want to make sure the binding wires are big enough for all the pages so I just tied it with ribbon. I should get this back in around a year or so if all goes well.


Eleanor said...

Oh my word, how atmospheric and evocative. You transported me to a velvet seat in a darkened theatre. Wonderful.

Wendy said...

your pages are sooo good Jules. Keep it up! I love the chandelier stamp