Monday, 23 June 2008

GPP Street Team Crusade No 21

So Michelles crusades have come around again and this time we are doing wax rubbings and painting over them so that the wax resists the paint. I have actually done quite a few of these but many of them havn't photographed so well as the colours I used were just too light. That said I am particularly fond of my car tyre which I struggled to get to but you can just about get the idea from thisThis one was anaglypta wall paperAnd this one...the good old fashioned house brick! Rubbing done in a purple colour and the paint was metallic platinum ...just love the iridescence.
Of course what better place to put my rubbing of a house brick than on my little houses for the little boxes swap?

I quite enjoyed doing these rubbings and of course this is only limited by your imagination...and your crayons...mine were cheapies and I think a better effect could have been achieved with better tools...not that I am blaming them!


michelle ward said...

Julie - it is interesting that not all crayons are equal when it comes to rubbing isn't it? Too funny that you used an actual brick for the house background...and a tire? Clever! Thanks for sharing with the team.

Jodi Barone said...

Love the "car tyre" and the darling little houses. I have 3 children as well. It does not appear summer break has impinged on your creativity in the least. Still aclimating my self yet love your inspiring words, "and of course, this is only limited by your imagination." That truly says it all!

KathrynAntyr said...

great idea to rub the car tire and bricks. I hadn't thought of those things that I encounter every day.

Kim Mailhot said...

You found some great surfaces for these rubbings ! Tyres, good one !
Your little houses are lovely !
Thanks for your sweet comment at my own place !:-)

iHanna said...

very cute houses, great use of the resists!

tina's space said...

Well thought out. These rubbings are awesome.