Monday, 29 October 2007

Mini Art Journal

Finally got round to uploading the last few weeks of Emily's challenge. I do keep up with the challenges but always put off uploading them. Here we go -
Week 37 Draw something. I can't draw!!! But did manage a flower :lol:

Week 38 I wonder:

Will my children be happy?

About the worlds future?

Whats old age like?

Whats next?

Just love this little owl stamp which came with this months scrapping angel kit.

Week 39 Someone Speshal - no pics but my friend Sharon is spesh-al. She is always so positive so this card is dedicated to her.

Week 40 - not anymore

The scroll reads ' they used to tell me that I'm not creative but I'm not listening anymore!' I just rolled it up and popped it inside the hollow bead.

And week 41 - magic carpet take me to...outer space...what an adventure that would be?

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Linda said...

Hi Julie!

Fab cards there! Just off to check Emily's blog for last weeks prompt!

Love from Linda X