Sunday, 14 October 2007

Have been heavily involved in the birthday celebrations over on UKS. They have been holding a cybercrop over three weekends and for the first two I have had lots of time to commit so have had a lot of fun doing the classes. Here are a few of the layouts completed so far. With thanks to everyone for providing the classes and challenges...'kissing the stone' was a challenge from my fave scrapbooker...Jen which she provided a download of doodles for us to use. I got out my chalks and coloured them in plus made a few more of my own doodles to match...great fun!

Plus I notice I have been tagged by Cleo, which is problem cos I don't really know many people who blog. So if anyone fancies being tagged - let me know!

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Beckie said...

Woah! Who said you weren't creative!? Girl the LO's are fab and I'm glad you believing in yourself!