Monday, 31 August 2009

Whilst surfing the net a few days ago I found Sarah Whitmire's blog - Caspiana.

If you look at one of her sidelinks it takes you to her soul journalling class which she did for free last year. How nice is it to find someone who shares something for nothing? Recently I paid to join an online class which I was really disappointed in cos no sooner did I join than she closed everthing down and I found I was the only one on the forum. No fun in that! Anyway I digress. Sarah's free soul journalling prompts are fabulous and not only does she give the prompt but talks you through lots of techniques too...wonderful!

I have been following along even though they are a year old and I joined the yahoo group too where it seems there are a few people doing the soul journalling class even now. What I like about her journalling class is that we often write lots of personal stuff and then cover it up. I have never done that before but really enjoyed the process. My journalling is so much better when I don't worry about who is reading what. Anyway, here are some of my early pages.


Sue said...

I thought I let you know about Sarah's blog a while ago Julie. Anyway glad you found it now.

Wendy said...

I followed it after Sue let us know about it too. I have done the soul armour pages too Jules.
Btw, did you get your money back for the class?? I would have asked for it back!

Lisa Dawn said...

glad that you are enjoying the pages. Writing whatever is in your heart without it being seen. interesting.