Monday, 8 June 2009

52Q - upload catch up!

I have been doing these weekly but for some reason haven't been uploading them hence the catch up.

So week 18 'Whats on my to do list?' I wasn't happy with this tag, I really threw it together but hey, nothing wrong with that is there? Just realised I havn't turned it to the correct orientation...never mind.

It reads
-make up g's album
-plant herb garden and baskets
-combat and balance - go to class
-lamp for outside front door
-fairy chores!
-stick to diet.

You can see that I lead a very exciting life can't you?

Week 19 'What gives me hope?'

Journalling reads 'everything I do gives me hope. Because hope is what drives me on. It stimulates me. Without it...what would there be?'

Week 20 'My latest obsession'

-Greys Anatomy present
-Greys Anatomy past (working my way through all series since I came to it late)
-Snow Patrol
-Smooshing paint as backgrounds
-Loch Garten Ospreys cam
-Packing tape transfers - still - thanks g!
-Cookery programmes

Week 21 'What would you do if you had a free day with no restrictions?'

Journalling reads - 'I would go in search of paradise on Earth. I would travel at the speed of light all around the globe looking at all the beautiful places that the Earth possesses - for Nature is the real treasure!'

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Carmen said...

Oh these are so beautiful Julie. I love the colours on the 'things to do' one :)