Sunday, 31 August 2008

I am such a bad blogger!

No excuses really except I had a spate of trips which meant I was always coming from behind and never catching up on here. My 50th birthday came and went with a weekend away, a cruise around the Greek Islands followed by a week in Rome! Had a wonderful time and I am soooo glad we went away cos the weather has been awful here in the UK this summer.

One of my sons has taken off to Hawaii and California to coach football for the summer and returns here on Wednesday, the other son has managed to get all the required grades in his A levels and so will join the Uni community in a couple of weeks and my daughter completed her intercalated degree and so goes back to finish her medical degree this week. Only two more years left Char! So, this means I will have three children at Uni for a whole year! Scarey.

We went to Cardiff for Char's graduation ceremony and I will leave you with this lovely photo of her all gowned up!

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