Sunday, 18 November 2007

Having a lot of fun in the BAD GIRLS Christmas Workshop...

Here are a couple of projects completed today...first of all the class by Anna Louis Bowkis. Really loved doing this although I had to adapt it to make it larger but all in all I am pleased as I managed to scrap a photo from last year...featuring my nephew and cute! I have become a big fan of these type of flowers in recent months and have used them on many layouts so I was totally in 'my box' as they say.

The other class was a shadowbox by Wendy Rago. Never done anything quite like this before but it was fun and actually turned out better than I thought and indeed it looks better irl than in the photo as well.

Whilst writing I may just put up a peak of the project I am submitting for the 7 gypsies competition over on 'A trip down memory lane'.

I am having such a scrapalicious time right now!!!

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