Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Havn't updated here for a while cos life has been so busy. Two children to get back to Uni and a holiday to get organised for. Not to mention builders in and the time involved in sorting out the admin stuff for another son who had a road accident. It bugs me that even though the accident wasn't his fault...we have to be put out by it and ultimately lose money for it. His car was a little ten year old Arosa, worth more to us on the road than off it. Its been written off so ultimately we have to go buy another car which is going to be difficult on the money the insurance will pay out...feeling really annoyed about it.

On another note, I still have Emily's card to do and hope to get that done before my holiday on Friday (Greece...two weeks...yesssssssssssss). The photography course is going well. Here are some recent shots for this weeks assignment about texture.

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